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It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction

Two big things happened yesterday:

  • Steam, the PC gaming client, was officially made available for Mac OS X
  • Portal was made available for free for a limited time

As Portal uses Steam, it means that you can install it on Macs as well as Windows PCs. If you’ve never played it, I’d suggest giving it a try – it’s a very original game (your gun creates portals on walls rather than firing bullets) and it has a very dry sense of humour. It has so far won 70 game awards. And there’s a cake at the end, allegedly.
You only have until the 24th May 2010 to get Portal for free, so get it now while you can.
As for Steam, while not all the games on it are Mac-compatible yet, there are around 60 titles that are, with more on the way. And if you buy them for the Mac, you’ll also be entitled to download them for Windows as well.
Note that if you want to take advantage of Portal, first you have to download the Steam Installer (about 2.7 MB), which then downloads the full Steam client (about 33 MB), and then you can download Portal itself (about 4 GB). If you have any problems, just keep on trying until you run out of cake.


    Now where did I put my faithful Weighted Companion Cube?

  2. Thanks Neil – I’ve wasted an evening 😉
    Got to level 15 and can’t get the double jump to work. eventually found a walkthru but they place a blue portal in an area it won’t let me place a portal so I’m stuck 🙁