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Go. Vote. Now.

Today is election day in the UK. If you are registered to vote, and haven’t already done so by post, please go out and vote. You have until 10pm today, and if you’ve lost your polling card, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to vote. You can also still vote in person if you have a postal vote that you haven’t yet used.
I’ve already said who I’ve voted for (which I did in person early this morning). I’m not asking you to vote in a particular way, just to vote. This is the closest general election for 18 years, and the first time in many years that there has been a genuine three-way split between the main parties nationwide, so your vote counts more than it ever has done.
Neil in Metro In related news, Gordon Brown visited the university where I work yesterday, and did a speech and a walkaround. The back of my head is therefore on page 5 of Metro this morning. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to shake his hand.
[An earlier version of this entry said I didn’t manage to ‘change’ his hand. Obviously the theme of ‘change’ has entered my subconsciousness]

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