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The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

Now that it’s available on the Mac, I bought and downloaded The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. It’s only $10.
The game is a re-make of the 1990 game The Secret of Monkey Island, which has spawned 4 sequels (the latest, Tales of Monkey Island, was released at the same time as this re-release). It retains the original gameplay, but adds new artwork, re-mastered music and sound effects, and full voiceovers from the same voice cast as subsequent games. A new hint system has been added as well. It’s also the first time the game has been officially playable on a Mac – the original can be played through ScummVM however.
Because it keeps the same gameplay as the original, the re-make feels a bit weird; essentially you have high-quality sound and full-colour backdrops with 1990s-era animation. The characters move around in the same way as the original, making the game seem both modern and dated at the same time. This is especially noticeable when compared to Tales of Monkey Island, released last year, which is in 3D and has all of the characters fully animated.
If I’d paid £30 for this I’d be miffed. As it was, it only cost $10, which is a bargain in my book. The game is still very funny almost 20 years on and worth playing, even if I was a bit disappointed by the animation.

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  1. I remember playing the original game on the Amiga, good lord, 20 years ago!