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Leeds Liverpool Canal
You may have inadvertently seen this week’s App of the Week post, which I accidentally published by mistake (I normally write them a few days in advance). If you didn’t, you’ll see it as normal on Wednesday.
Since Christine is away this weekend, and we’re having trouble with our internet, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy with things that can be done on an unreliable internet connection (basically ruling out World of Warcraft and anything streaming from iPlayer). I’ve ended up playing through Tales of Monkey Island. It’s rather good – the humour of previous titles in the series is still there – although I needed help from the walkthroughs from time to time. The graphics weren’t great on my Mac – I get the impression it doesn’t use a lot of hardware acceleration and so the framerate was quite low, especially at higher resolutions. There’s also an interesting plot twist after the credits on Chapter 5…
Today I’m off out to Skipton for the monthly farmers’ market, and possibly to look around the castle.

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