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Irony? Oh yes…

This is a scanned copy of a leaflet from the British National Party – the BNP – that I received through my letterbox earlier this week. Disregarding the poor design and use of stock photography (are BNP sympathisers too ugly to print?), it’s ironic that it has a picture of their leader Nick Griffin juxtaposed with Sir Winston Churchill, our prime minister during the Second World War.

In other words, it shows the person who lead our nation during a war against fascists, alongside someone who basically is a fascist.

This isn’t the first time that the BNP has tried to steal the bandwagon of things that are seen as quintessentially British – the party is being threatened legal action by Unilever over its use of Marmite in an online election broadcast.

I’ve uploaded the leaflet in full size to The Straight Choice, which is hosting leaflets for political parties. If you’ve been sent a leaflet (and I’m sure just about everyone has received at least one), scan it, or take a photo of it, and upload it to the site. Hopefully the data generated from it will prove interesting.


  1. Take a look at the Guardian’s G2 for the alternative election posters – there’s a superby one about Eric Pickles.

  2. Actually, the only difference for the Blackpool one is the candidate’s name.
    It’s a shame we can’t deport the whole party.