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The zombies, pirates and unicorns who want your vote

Polling Station on Election DayThe events of the past couple of weeks have ensured that this election is very much a three-horse race between Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. There are, of course, some smaller parties who are fielding candidates in a large number of constituencies. These include UKIP, BNP, Green Party and various English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish parties.

And then there’s the rest. lists a huge number of parties fielding one or more candidates in the upcoming election (now only 9 days away). In true British tradition, some are quite frankly silly.

The venerable Official Monster Raving Loony Party has put forward 27 candidates this time around. These include such characters as Eddie Vee (Yorkshire’s premier Elvis impersonator, standing in York Central) and Matt ‘Bananamatt’ Fensome, who is presumably trying to make Milton Keynes North a more interesting place (good luck with that…).

The Pirate Party UK is new this year, having taken inspiration from a Swedish party. It’s actually a serious party which focusses on the issues of file sharing and illegal downloading. It is fielding nine election candidates across the country.

Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality or ‘CURE’ has 4 candidates who are campaigning for more rights for zombies. Best of a Bad Bunch‘s mission is ‘injecting some decency into politics’, and in Dartford you’ll be able to vote for the Fancy Dress Party. Surprisingly enough, the Hugh Salmon for Battersea party has just one candidate called Hugh Salmon, who is standing for election in Battersea.

Others include the British Unicorn Party, New Millennium Bean Party, the Nobody Party, the No Candidate Deserves My Vote! party, the Reduce Tax On Beer party (obviously beer prices are an issue in Chelmsford) and the True English (Poetry) Party. Each one is just fielding one election candidate.

Finally, it may be worth mentioning Mad Cap’n Tom, standing as an independent pirate candidate in London and Westminster. He’s behind the UK Talk Like A Pirate Day web site and the parody Preparing for Emergencies site. He’s also previously been president of York University Student Union, during which time he had a cannon pointing at the vice chancellor’s office.

Update: The BBC has published a similar article which goes into more depth.

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  1. Have you seen anywhere that lists who the candidates are? Several people I follow have posting comments on Twitter suggesting they might be standing for CURE, but I can’t find a site that confirms it.