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App of the Week: Cyberduck

This week’s app is Cyberduck, an FTP client for Mac OS X. I’ve been using it since I first starting using Macs in the summer of 2004, as back then it was one of the few free FTP clients out there. Those that were willing to pay used Transmit.
Cyberduck has come along since then, and nowadays supports a wide variety of protocols in addition to FTP – SFTP, FTP over SSL/TLS, WebDAV and Amazon S3. It has a simple interface with drag and drop support, integration with a number of external text editors, a transfer manager and support for Quick Look.
And that’s basically it. It’s a simple application but this makes it easy to use, and it’s all wrapped up in the familiar Mac interface. And it has a cute rubber duck as its icon.
Cyberduck is free and open source, but donations are welcomed by the author.

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  1. I used to use Cyberduck but for some reason that I can’t quite remember, I switched to using FileZilla. Thanks for the nudge for me to re-try Cyberduck to see if I can figure out why I ditched it.