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Sometimes I get half-way through writing a blog entry, and then realise that what I’m saying is utter rubbish, or a largely unintelligible rambling of disconnected thoughts. Rather than post a poor-quality, unarticulated entry, I’d rather just scrap it.
This happened just now while trying to write out the reasons why I won’t be voting for the Conservative party in the forthcoming general election. There are lots of reasons (their poor record on gay rights, memories of them being rubbish before 1997, bigoted attitudes of some of its members, hostility to the public sector, being too close to Rupert Murdoch etc.) but I had trouble getting those disconnected statements into paragraph form.
So here’s a picture instead:

Courtesy of
I was planning a whole series of ‘Why I won’t vote for X’ entries, but some of them would have been terribly short:

  • UKIP – because they’re bigots and I don’t like their anti-Europe stance
  • BNP – because they’re outright racist and seem to think banning immigration is the magic bullet for all of this country’s problems
  • Respect – because George Galloway is a bit of a… use your imagination.

The three parties I’ve given significant thought about voting for are the Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Green Party. I may post about why I would or wouldn’t vote for these parties nearer to the 5th May.

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