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App of the Week: Irfanview

This is the latest in a weekly series of applications that I use and would recommend. To break the stream of Mac programs, here’s one for Windows.
Irfanview Main Window
IrfanView is probably one of the most versatile image preview applications there is. But to call it an image preview application is only scratching the surface of what this little program does.
It’s very good at previewing images, no matter what format the image comes as. It opens a wide variety of image formats out of the box, and an official plugins pack adds many, many more. In other words, if it’s an image, IrfanView will open it.
But you can do so much more. It’s great for resizing images, and has resampling filters to retain quality when doing so. You can also blur, sharpen, pixelate or apply a wide range of basic effects to all or part of an image. And you can save the image in a wide variety of formats too. IrfanView can also do more advanced screen capturing than you can achieve by pressing the Print Screen key. And you can scan or acquire images from a webcam.
IrfanView is free, but Windows-only. I’ve had some success running it under CrossOver on a Mac, since I haven’t found a suitable replacement for it on OS X (Preview doesn’t count).

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