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ScummVM 1.1.0

I first mentioned ScummVM on this blog 6 years ago, back when it could only really play LucasArts games and not a lot else. Thankfully a lot has happened in those 6 years and the range of games supported has increased hugely – I’ve recently been playing on Christine’s copies of Simon the Sorcerer, The Feeble Files and Discworld 2.
One ‘problem’ with ScummVM is that you need the original discs to play the games it supports; otherwise it would be infringing copyright. So until now, if you haven’t owned any of the supported games, it’s not been very useful.
The latest release, ScummVM 1.1.0, adds support for 2 free games, however – Dragon History and Teen Agent. This means that these 2 games are now playable on any platform which ScummVM runs on, which includes Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, Windows Mobile, IRIX, AmigaOS, various mobile phones and some games consoles.
Of course, if you don’t mind paying for some of the supported games, you can still buy some of them at, including the aforementioned Simon the Sorcerer.

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