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App of the Week: The Unarchiver

Once upon a time, Windows users all used Zip files, Mac users used StuffIt files and Unix users used GZip files. But compression technology has moved on since then, and we now have BZip2, 7-Zip, RAR and various other file formats spanning multiple platforms and operating systems.
Thankfully, programs like The Unarchiver exist to open the myriad of different compressed file types. The Unarchiver supports an almost unparalleled range of formats, including some obscure and largely defunct ones. I’ve yet to come across a compressed file that The Unarchiver hasn’t been able to open (apart from a couple of SitX files a few years ago which it now mostly supports).
The Unarchiver works in a very similar way to OS X’s built-in decompression support, but as well as adding compatibility with many more file formats, it can also do smart things like opening the decompressed file’s contents in Finder – handy when you’ve just downloaded something. It’s also very fast in my experience.
The program is free, and open source.

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