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If it wasn’t already apparent, my previous post on April 1st was indeed an April Fool. I’m not intending to stand for parliament any time soon, especially not as an independent candidate. However the feedback I’ve had suggests a handful of people (especially some of my friends) were, at least initially, taken in by the fool, which is great as it sounds like it did its job!
To say I’d planned this for weeks would be an outright lie – I only had the idea whilst walking home the evening before. The timing of the next general election, which is likely to be the first week in May and due to be formally announced on Tuesday, meant it was topical. I’ve also had dabbles in student politics in the past, although nothing recently.
The web site may have looked relatively good but it was actually knocked up in about an hour, using a standard Movable Type template. Each page is a ‘Page’ in Movable Type and I just edited the widget sets to create the navigation. The domain name is one that I’ve owned for years but never used – in the past, it’s just been a mirror of the main site.
I think most people realised it was a fool when they started reading the policies. Personally I feel the best fools are ones that initially sound plausible, but gradually leave the realm of believability.
This was the first time I’ve done an April Fool in some time. While I’m glad people liked it, it’ll make topping it next year more difficult…

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  1. Does this mean that I have to take the leopard back?