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App of the Week: Appfresh

Amazingly I’ve only mentioned AppFresh once or twice on this blog, which is a shame as it’s a rather useful little program. Run it, and it’ll tell you which of your applications are out of date and need updating – and, it’ll even update them for you.
AppFresh Main Window Thumbnail
Applications are sorted into ‘Up-to-date’, ‘Out of date’ and ‘Unknown’ – AppFresh can’t always get information about some programs. Much of its data comes from the i use this web site, but AppFresh also integrates with the Sparkle framework that an increasing number of programs now use to update themselves.
AppFresh will also manage your i use this account for you, and will even offer to install applications which you’ve said you use but haven’t yet installed – great when moving to a new machine. It will also check for Apple system updates as well as third-party applications.
Currently AppFresh is a developer preview, so while it’s free to download at the moment, it’s possible that a 1.0 release may carry a charge. And it’s always worth ensuring that you have adequate backups in case a program update goes awry. But I’ve been using AppFresh for over a year now without any major issues.

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  1. Wow, this is going to be really handy. Thanks. Oh, and I’m loving these app of the week posts by the way.