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Bundle baggage

Last week I mentioned the MacHeist nanoBundle 2, which I bought due to the inclusion of Tales of Monkey Island – the whole bundle cost less than buying the game on its own. I was also interested in RapidWeaver and CoverScout, but, in all honesty, most of the other applications weren’t of much interest to me (and I had just bought Tweetie the previous week).
This isn’t the first time I’ve bought a MacHeist bundle – about 2 years ago one was offered which included the formidable Pixelmator, again, for less than the cost of Pixelmator on its own. And, like with the more recent bundle, I received license codes for a whole load of applications which don’t really interest me.
I keep all of my license codes in 1Password, which I got as part of the same bundle as Pixelmator, and I’ve installed less than half of the applications I own licenses for. These include programs like iStopMotion, which looks like a great tool for making stop-motion animations. Unfortunately, I don’t really have the time or inclination to do that sort of thing.
On the other hand, 1Password is a good example of a program which I wouldn’t have bought based on its own merits, but have come to like as a result of it being bundled. It’s useful for web designers who use several browsers, since it allows you to have a central password store that Firefox, Safari and (soon) Google Chrome can all share. I also like its wallet function, for automatically filling out credit card details, and the aforementioned software license store. I feel like an ‘app of the week’ entry coming along…
It’s a shame that I have all of these license codes for software that I’m never going to use. On the plus side, I didn’t pay much for them and should I ever decide to make the next Wallace & Gromit I’ll at least have the software to do it.

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