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Take action against the Digital Economy Bill

If yesterday’s post inspired you to write to your own MP regarding the Digital Economy Bill, you can do so at 38degrees. Just pop your postcode in, select your MP and then write your email. It will provide you with a template but you may want to change it – I did, as it’s seemingly written for quite a low reading age.
You can also use mySociety’s write to your local paper
The Guardian has an overview of the bill and why it’s bad – if you don’t agree with it, take action.
The Open Rights Group, a non-profit organisation which campaigns for digital rights in the UK, has been leading the charge against the bill. I was one of the founding donors and still give £5 per month to them – if you want to, you can join as well. You’ll even get a signed copy of a book by Cory Doctorow, which Christine assures me is actually quite good.
This week’s App of the Week post will follow shortly.

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