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Missed a day

Apart from yesterday, I’ve managed to post something on here every day for the past 3 weeks. Admittedly a lot of the posts were cheating – I tend to write several entries at a time and then schedule them to appear later in the week, to give the impression that I’m able to post daily. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough inspiration to have anything queued up for Sunday, and was out with Christine and my potential future mother in law for most of the day anyway.
I was hoping that posting every day might increase the amount I make from Google Adsense but any increase has yet to materialise – in fact, so far this month I’ve yet to even make £3, which is significantly down on last month. And that was a bad month.
Part of the reason for this may lie with the server move – I didn’t migrate many of the .htaccess configuration files, which I use to manage redirects. The URL structure of this site has changed several times over the years and so a series of redirects are used to keep links from other sites pointing here. Unfortunately many of these redirects weren’t brought over, so some popular entries like quickly compress PNG images (featured prominently on digg and Download Squad) resulted in a very plain 404 error page. They should now redirect correctly, and I’ve also whipped up a better 404 error page, which is written using MT’s Pages feature.
At some point I need to install a better stats package on the server – it came with Webalizer which is rather basic and doesn’t show any information about errors. I may give AWStats a try since I’ve used it before but am open to other suggestions.

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  1. Analog is quite good for visitor stats.