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Apple Magic Mouse

My £7 wireless mouse from Tesco decided to stop syncing last week, and after spending a few days surviving with a wired mouse that no longer right-clicked I decided to get a new mouse.
Having looked at what PC World had to offer (and the prices), I ended up settling for the new Apple Magic Mouse. At £56 it was pricey, but then Apple tends to have good build quality so hopefully it’ll last a while, and I was impressed with the demonstration mouse in the shop.
Design-wise it looks very good – side-on it looks symmetrical, and if it weren’t for the Apple logo at the bottom it would be possible to use it the wrong way up. It’s also very flat, which takes getting used to. Despite the fact it takes two AA batteries (supplied), it’s also quite light.
Scrolling is achieved by essentially stroking the mouse with your finger – there’s no physical scroll wheel. You can also scroll left and right as well as up and down, as with the older Mighty Mouse – though as yet I haven’t found much of a need for this.
The mouse connects via Bluetooth, and thankfully transmits its battery status to the computer so you know when to recharge it – this is a problem with cheaper wireless mice as there’s nothing worse than playing World of Warcraft with 24 other people and having your mouse run out of battery in the middle of a raid. Especially if you don’t have any others charged up.
Criticisms? I’m used to a mouse that fits in my hand better, and the right-click ability isn’t as sensitive as I’d like, but this review is based on all of around 30 minutes use. I’ll see how I feel after a week. And if it turns out to be rubbish then I can always take it back…
Christine was with me when I bought it (after I ummed and arred about it for a good half hour, due to the price). Her main comment was that it didn’t come in pink.


  1. There are some great third party utilities for the Magic Mouse that extends the functionality to allow for middle clicks and other fancy swipes/clicks/swipe clicks/etc…
    I have downloaded 3: MouseWizard, MagicPrefs, and BetterTouchTool.
    MouseWizard and BetterTouchTool are still pretty buggy, but have some nice tricks that they can do. However, I am currently happily using MagicPrefs.
    It’s taken a while to get my hand used to using the lower profile of the mouse and I still have problems dragging items when I have to lift the mouse to continue past the edge of my mouse pad.
    However, the mouse is well worth getting. If for no other reason than to be able to scroll with “momentum” like the iPhone or iPod touch or soon to be iPad.
    Also, if you do any work with audio or video, being able to scroll left and right is truly a God send with the Magic Mouse. It’s so much easier than trying to grab the scroll bar thumb and drag it around.
    The batteries that came with my mouse lasted about a month. I’m hoping that this is because they were cheap. I would hate to think that I am going to have to replace the batteries every month.

  2. I love the feel of this mouse and the fact that I have freedom to hold it at whatever angle is comfortable, clicking pretty much anywhere I choose on the surface. It does, however, feel a little heavy to me.
    I will continue my crusade to embarrass shop assistants everywhere by demanding apple products in a range of girly colours, possibly with Swarovski crystals. Some of them need taking down a peg or two. (I do not have a chip on my shoulder about being talked down to just because I’m a girl.)