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Westfield and Twitter

Last Thursday, on my way to work, I spotted a couple of mechanical diggers and a few workmen on the mothballed Westfield Bradford site. This is interesting because very little has happened to the site since 2004, when demolition of the previous buildings commenced. Eventually the plan is to build a new shopping centre but the current economic climate has meant that shop owners haven’t been willing to invest in the scheme so it’s on indefinite hold – something I touched on in The sad tale of the Bradford German Christmas Market last year.

As is usual when I notice something interesting while out and about, I texted Twitter. Obviously I was not the only one who found it interesting as my tweet was very quickly retweeted around various other Bradford Twitter users. This lead deadbloke to this picture as evidence. In all, I had 9 retweets and replies of my tweet, which is more than I normally get, many of which were by people I didn’t know or follow. And this was all within an hour, on an otherwise mundane Thursday morning.

As for why the workmen were there; it’s possibly part of plans to turn the site into a temporary park. It seems the start of work on the shopping centre is so far off that the developers are willing to hand part of it over to community groups for landscaping until more tenants sign up.

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