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The MacHeist nanoBundle 2

I’m a bit late in posting this, but there are 3 days left to get the MacHeist nanoBundle 2. From time to time MacHeist will offer a bundle of applications for a knock-down price – right now, for USD $19.95, you get fully licensed copies of:

  • MacJournal – a journal tool that can also be used for blogging (normally $39.95)
  • RipIt – DVD ripping software (normally $19.95)
  • Clips – clipboard managing software (normally €19.95)
  • CoverScout – finds missing cover art for your iTunes music collection (normally €29.95)
  • Flow – an advanced FTP/SFTP client (normally $25)

If you post a Tweet about your purchase straight afterwards, you also get:

  • Tracks – lets you browse and playback your iTunes library from a notification area icon (normally $11)
  • Airbust Extreme – strategy game (normally $20)
  • Burning Monkey Solitaire – the infamous card game (normally $25)

At the time of writing, you’ll also get all 5 episodes of Tales of Monkey Island, the latest 5th game in the Monkey Island series which is now available on the Mac as well as Windows. That’s worth $34.95.
Finally the critically acclaimed RapidWeaver will also become unlocked at some point as well, which retails for $79.95.
And, not only are you getting several hundred dollars worth of software for $19.95, but some of the money raised will be donated to up to 11 charities, including Save the Children and the Haiti appeal.
It’s a fantastic deal, and if you’re a Mac user you would be wise to take advantage of it. In past bundles I’ve picked up software such as Pixelmator and AppZapper for significantly less than they would cost to buy otherwise, and both tools have been very useful.

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