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Wedding photography

Matt Haughey mentioned the following video in a recent blog post. It’s from Judge Joe Brown, which I’m guessing is in a similar vein to Judge Judy, and shows a case where a couple were not happy with the quality of their wedding pictures:

It’s interesting due to the fact that Judge Brown shows a surprisingly thorough knowledge of photography. Without spoiling the outcome of the hearing, Brown notes that the cameras and lenses used by the ‘professional’ photographers in this instance are at the ‘prosumer‘ level, and not too dissimilar to what I use as a hobbyist.
Myself and my friends are now at that age where marriage is on the cards (and just to quell any potential rumours: no, Christine and I are not planning to get married) and several of my friends are due to get married this year. While I have informally offered to lend a hand with photography, I do state my limits – while I have a couple of lenses, a reasonable SLR camera, a tripod and could borrow a larger flash if needed, I don’t have the experience or high-end kit for truly professional pictures. But then I’m not going to charge a four-figure sum for doing the pictures either.

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  1. I was about to point out that you probably don’t have insurance in case of photo disaster, but in this age of digital insta-feedback, ruined negatives is no longer an issue.
    I did wedding photos for friends, once.

    • Make sure you get a list of which groups of people they want.
    • Have a helper to organise everyone, so you can concentrate on taking photos.
    • Have spare batteries and cards.

    It’s likely that one of the other guests will have an equally good camera, so if the worst happens and yours dies, borrow theirs 😉