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Get Android fonts for your computer, for free

Some of you may be familiar with, or even own, a phone which uses Google’s Android operating system – a smartphone OS which is forked from Linux. Google commissioned a family of fonts called Droid from Ascender Corporation, which were released under the Apache License. They’re quite attractive fonts designed for user interfaces – there’s a serif, sans serif and fixed-width (monospace) variant.

As they’re open source, it’s possible to get these for free. Some web sites sell them, but if you visit Android’s source code repository, you can download them in TrueType format for free.

The fonts are located here. You’ll need to click on the ‘raw’ links next to the TTF files and then save them somewhere. Once they’re all downloaded, copy them to your system’s font folder, and enjoy!

If you’re using Ubuntu, here’s a slightly easier way – as you’ll see from the screenshots on the page, the Droid fonts are much more readable and use less horizontal width than the system fonts.

You can also get a handful of free fonts from here, some of which are open source.

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