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Up and running again!

At last, the move to the new host is complete!
I’m now hosting with Bytemark, a well-known hosting company based in York with data centres in Manchester and London. The domain is managed by 123-Reg – I’ve decided to keep the domain and hosting separate to make any future host changes easier.
The hosting package is quite different to the package I had previously. Whereas before I had a simple virtual host setup with FTP, email and databases, this package offers SSH access to a complete virtual machine running Debian. In other words, I can configure everything on the server essentially as I wish – even changing to a different Linux distro if I wanted to.
I’ll be sticking with Debian for now. It brings with it Apache 2.2 and MySQL 5, and I have the ability to add things like FastCGI should I wish to at a later date. I’ve also been able to install every optional Perl module that Movable Type can use, including ones like Image::Magick and XML::Parser which require compiled code.
I’m still using Movable Type 4.3x for now – it’s still supported, with version 4.34 having come out a few days ago, and having tried MT5 for a bit I think it’s a bit overkill for what I need it for.
The move to the new host wasn’t quite as smooth as I’d hoped – some issues with having the domain released from the old host, for example, and the new machine that the site runs on had a disk failure last night, literally about 30 minutes after I updated the DNS to point to the new server. It’s also taken some time to get used to configuring the server myself, rather than having a fancy-pants admin interface to do it for me. Suffice to say I’ve learnt a lot about the Unix command line over the past couple of weeks.
Hopefully now everything will work, but give me a heads-up if it doesn’t!


  1. Congrats on the move (and fixing the commenting) – make sure you keep everything up to date! You’ll grow to love the shell access. I find that really handy on my hosting package with dreamhost – especially when needing to download files from servers – I can download them directly to my host rather than download to my pc and then upload back to the web server.

  2. Thanks. There’s a weekly cronjob which runs apt-get update to keep everything up to date.

  3. Certainly seems pretty speedy.. Which level of package did you go for? Need to look at moving my hosting after repeated slowdowns.

  4. Just their basic Virtual Machine package for £15/month. Gets you a machine with 256 MB RAM, 10 GB hard disk space and 50 GB of bandwidth.