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New host

I have just ordered a new hosting package with a different hosting company. The package offers faster and more up-to-date servers for around £5 extra per month.
The switch will take place shortly, and will allow me to upgrade to the new Movable Type 5.01 which has just been released. MT5 requires MySQL 5.0 (released several years ago) yet my current host is still offering MySQL 4.1, as well as a very old version of Apache. There’s also no support for persistent environments such as FastCGI which are key for getting the best performance out of Movable Type.
I’m aiming to have the migration to the new host complete by the 14th, which will be the 8th anniversary of the first post to this blog.


  1. Fingers crossed the move goes well! I currently host my blog with – but that’s because I’ve got enough other sites to justify a whole dedicated server – and my other half uses as they are a UK based VPS provider with brilliant support. But if you are still looking for a shared host and don’t want to have the “fun” of maintaining your own dedicated server/VPS, then I would have suggested trying which has been set up by one of my ex-workmaths from your old hosting company 😉
    Strangely enough, all the people that I worked with (with the exception of the 2 managing directors and 1 employee) have all left that company now and I’m not aware of any which would return…
    Good luck! 😀

  2. Thanks Richy. I haven’t gone with any of those but it will be with a reputable UK-based host (which I may have revealed on Twitter…). The current company are okay but I’ve been getting increasingly concerned about their use of outdated (and potentially insecure) versions of the software on the server.

  3. If you do switch to MT5 please blog about your experiences. I’m subscribed to both the MTOS-dev and openmelody lists and it seems to me that MT5 hasn’t been met with great enthusiasm. I won’t switch until I see something convincing me that MT5 is better than sticking with MT4. I think the MT4 => openmelody switch might be more likely.

  4. Hey Neil,
    Hope the move goes well for you. I am running MT4 under FastCGI myself. 8 years huh! Wow, my blog is 7 but the advent of Twitter sure has curbed my blogging.
    For Kevin, if you are using MTOS the 4 to 5 jump looks great, especially because of the new parent/child/sibling attributes, and the new Website Object.
    But if you rely on MT4 plugins, or want Action Streams or Motion, both part of MT4 Pro and absent in 5.01 Pro, then it looks bittersweet. I would really love to take advantage of MT5 Pro, but reliance on plugins are holding me back.