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Blackpool Zoo

Ring-tailed Lemurs
Happy new year everyone!

I spent the new year with Christine in Blackpool and on Sunday went to Blackpool Zoo. It’s open 364 days a year (seeing as the animals there need caring for all year round) and is nice and quiet outside of the busy summer tourist season. The weather on Sunday was bright and sunny (if bitterly cold) so it made an ideal day to go, and to give credit to the zoo staff the educational talks during feeding times were still going ahead despite there being probably no more than 50 people in the park all day.

Naturally I took my camera and 40 out of the 100 photos I took are on Flickr. The above picture of the ring-tailed lemurs is probably my favourite, but I was also impressed with this picture of a red panda (or firefox) and this pair of magellanic penguins.

Having done the Sea Life Centre before Christmas (which has a £5 discount per adult out of tourist season), the next big Blackpool attraction on my list is the Blackpool Tower. I’m sure I’ll get chance to do that soon.


  1. I haven’t been to Blackpool since I was a kid. Are the Illuminations still any good? I have some really good memories of holidays we went on up there.

  2. Blackpool Tower is good. Well The views on a clear day are great and the circus is truly brilliant. But as for a day out? Well I would say its really great for kids as they have a play area and dino walk with a 3D cinema. I would say the circus and views are well worth the entry fee. Dont leave it too long as Blackpool Council have just bought it and are going to have Merlin run it. So I can only hope that Mooky and his family will stay running the circus.
    As for the Illuminations, things are never as good as you remember when you were a kid. They are good and getting better each year. They are now going in for lots more moving lights i.e sequencing the lights which really looks great.