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Using mpqfs to view World of Warcraft resources

This probably won’t interest many of you, but if you play World of Warcraft and have a Mac, there’s a tool you can download which lets you browse WoW’s data files and copy its resources (such as images and sound files). It’s called mpqfs.
As well as the mpqfs binary, you’ll need to install MacFUSE if you haven’t already – it’s a tool from Google which lets you mount a wide variety of file systems that Mac OS X normally can’t handle.
Once you’ve got MacFUSE installed, run mpqfs and then go to File and Open. Browse to your World of Warcraft folder and open the Data subfolder. mpqfs will let you open any of the .mpq files and browse their contents.
If you’re after something interesting, open enGB/expansion-speech-enGB.mpq (change ‘enUS’ for the US English version), then in Finder browse to Sound/Creature/Illidan and open ‘BLACK_Illidan_04.wav’ for Illidan Stormrage’s famous catchphrase. You can also annoy your friends with Thorim’s speech in enGB/patch-enGB.mpq under Sound/Creature/Thorim – it’s called ‘UR_Thorim_Start02.wav’.
One word of advice: don’t have World of Warcraft open when browsing its data files – it’s only asking for trouble.

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