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As part of the diet (which I seem to have plateaued at) I’m try to cut out unhealthy snacks and replace them with things that have more nutritional value. So, with the promise of a free box, I signed up to Graze, a UK-based company which will send you regular boxes of wholefoods through the post.
Each box costs £3, and contains 3-4 packets of food, which may include nuts, dried fruit, olives, seeds and some other more exotic things. They also offer fresh fruit, but this is suspended due to the ongoing Royal Mail postal strike. You can pick what you would like in the boxes, and have their computer choose a balanced mix of food. Usually at least one item will contribute to your 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day that we’re recommended to eat.
The boxes are small enough to fit through an average letterbox so there’s no need to be in for them to be delivered, and they’re all made of recyclable materials where facilities exist.
I’m on my 5th box so far and enjoying it – I don’t stipulate specifically what I want in each box so each one is a small surprise. But you can tell the site not to send certain foods – for example, I don’t like olives, and I’m not too partial to nuts on their own. Thankfully you can have your nuts coated in chilli powder, seaweed or honey if you so wish, to name a few.
If you want to give the service a try, use the code PTQ75X4. This will give you a free box, and your second box will be half price. Graze will also donate £1 to the Rainforest Alliance for each signup with that code – they’re a non-governmental organisation which promotes sustainability and biodiversity in agriculture.

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