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The RealPlayer Expirement

In light of the news that the BBC is abandoning RealMedia for its live streaming and listen again services, I’ve decided to uninstall RealPlayer from my Mac. Because, as far as I can remember, the only web site that I visit that still uses RealMedia was the BBC’s site and all of the streams that I used to listen to or watch have been replaced with Flash or Windows Media.
I’m therefore going to see how long I can survive without RealPlayer. Hopefully, it’ll be 50 MB of program files which I’ll never need to re-install. While the Mac version is far less annoying than its Windows counterpart, it feels strangely liberating to be rid of it.


  1. I can’t remember the last time I used RealPlayer… In fact I haven’t even installed it since running Win7 or the last time I reinstalled WinXP (early 2007)
    May it rest in pieces

  2. Thats interesting news. Although this was the only reason I also had real audio player on, it also made it *slightly* easier to rip the streams for later listening on the ipod. It was a convoluted process but possible. Now I guess I’ll have to look at flash capturing software. Having said that, I only tend to listen to the Radio4 comedy show which is available as a podcast. BBC7 doesn’t do much podcasting though 🙁