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LG Flatron W2353V review

LG Flatron W2353V
This is the second of 3 entries about the LG Flatron W2353V, a 23″ flat screen TFT monitor that LG have asked me to review. In this entry, I’ll go into a little more detail about the screen and what it is like to use.

Compared to my previous monitor, a 17″ViewSonic VX715 which I bought in 2005, the Flatron comes in a relatively small box. This is partly due to the detachable base and less polystyrene, so there’s less waste. In the box is the monitor (obviously…), the base, power lead, DVI cable, VGA cable, quick start guide and a CD-ROM. The CD-ROM disc presumably contains the manual and drivers but oddly my MacBook couldn’t read it.

1920x1080 desktop
In any case, the screen works fine on Mac OS X without any extra drivers. Despite having a first generation MacBook with Intel GMA 950 onboard graphics, it can still manage the screen’s native resolution of 1920×1080, which provides a huge amount of screen space. The screenshot above should give some indication of just how much window space you get. It’s enough to show a 2 megapixel image at actual size.

Instead of using buttons, you simply touch labels on the bottom of the screen. The ‘Smart’ button is used to activate features such as auto-contrast, and the ‘Fun’ button lets you apply a sepia or black and white filter to the screen. There’s also the standard menu and a button to switch between multiple input sources.

If I had any complaints it would be the plastic-y feel of the construction. It feels a little cheap – especially the thin transparent strip at the bottom of the screen. This does, however, make the screen very light and easy to carry as there’s very little metal in the construction. The touch areas aren’t very sensitive so sometimes you have to touch more than once for it to register the action.

Overall I’m really happy with it. The size means it’s fantastic for watching films and television programmes on iPlayer, even from a distance. I don’t have any Blu-Ray discs but I’m sure they would look good too thanks to it’s full HD support.

If this all sounds convincing, watch out for a competition that I’ll be holding in the coming days to win your very own model!

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