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LG Flatron W2353V

This post is coming to you via my new LG Flatron W2353V TFT monitor!
I’ll be posting one or two entries about this screen as LG have asked me to review it for them. There will also be a chance to win your very own monitor as well, details of which will be posted in the coming days.
Since I know may of you are techie people, here are the technical details:

  • Features LG’s SMART technology, which automatically adjusts the screen brightness depending on how much light is around the monitor – this is to help reduce eye strain, and also reduces power consumption by up to 25% in well-lit rooms.
  • Cinema mode, designed for sites like YouTube – when activated, the non-movie part of the screen is dimmed, so that you can focus on the movie.
  • 2 millisecond response time and no afterimage
  • 50:000 to 1 dynamic contrast ratio, to ensure that images are still bright and detailed even in high-light conditions.
  • Has VGA, DVI and HDMI ports, so you can connect your XBox 360, PlayStation 3 or a Sky+ HD box to it without needing any special adaptors. Comes with VGA and DVI cables in the box.
  • Native 1920×1080 resolution.
  • And it’s a whopping 23 inches across!

I’m really pleased with it so far, even it is rather large, but that’s because I’m mostly used to a 13-inch MacBook screen – this is almost twice the size. The resolution is also mind-blowing – you can have many more windows open on the same desktop.
Part 2 of my review, where I go a little beyond my initial observations, will follow tomorrow.

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