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Melted Magsafe Adaptor

Melted Magsafe 1
Melted Magsafe 2

Last week, I found that the Magsafe adaptor for my MacBook had melted. As you can see from the pictures, the plastic insulation on the wire at each end had melted away to reveal the bare wire.

I’ve managed to replace it, but a new adaptor costs £30, and that’s from a store on Amazon – to buy from Apple direct would cost closer to £50. Because the unit is 3 years old, it is well outside its warranty period and I didn’t pay for AppleCare so I can’t get it replaced free of charge. While it was still usable in its partially-melted state, having bare wire showing, even with only DC current passing through, isn’t very safe.

Next on my shopping list will be a new battery for the MacBook, as this one is down to about 25% of its original capacity at new (according to coconutBattery) and Mac OS X’s battery indicator suggests that it needs servicing. This will be another £60 or so. But, it’s cheaper than a new machine and this should have at least another couple of years of life left in it.

I hope.


  1. It might be a good idea to take the adapter to an Apple store anyway. Some people with the same issue have reported that Apple has replaced their adapters, even though they are out of warranty.

  2. To be honest, getting to an Apple Store would have cost as much as ordering this new one, if not more – the two nearest stores are 1-2 hours away by train.