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A few more Snow Leopard issues

Snow Leopard now seems to be running fine, with only a few minor exceptions, which I’m listing below for the benefit of those who are considering upgrading:

  1. Missing Sync for Windows Mobile. This doesn’t work, even with the latest beta that is supposedly Snow Leopard -compatible. Connecting over USB simply does nothing – I plug my device in and nothing happens. Over Bluetooth, when I ask the device to connect to my Mac, Missing Sync acknowledges the device and tries to establish a connection, but it times out. Mark/Space’s web site is also currently down, it seems, so I can’t check their knowledge base. The latest beta, downloaded after this entry was written, now works correctly on Snow Leopard.
  2. iPod syncing. When I first plugged my iPod in, iTunes decided it was synced to a different computer. This was probably more due to the way I upgraded, using a wipe, install and then copy data from backup, rather than a straight upgrade. It soon decided that actually it was the right computer. It also needed re-authorising with the iTunes store, but again, decided it was already authorised afterwards. The main issue was that it also refused to sync my Address Book and iCal events, saying I had no contacts or events – even though I did. I found that manually opening iSync seemed to fix this, and now everything works fine.
  3. Plaxo. Plaxo doesn’t work in Snow Leopard – Sync does nothing. There doesn’t appear to be a new version, so I uninstalled it. Address Book now natively supports syncing to Google, so I’m using that instead – this means that my contacts are also available in Gmail. Zindus supports syncing between Thunderbird and Gmail, and on Windows OggSync supports syncing between Outlook and Gmail, so between all of those I don’t really need Plaxo anymore anyway.


  1. I’ve heard there are some wildlife groups trying to get Apple to do more stuff with the actual S.L.’s lol. I don’t know- people are saying it’s good PR for Apple- they should jump on that.

  2. Plaxo is now working… Installed mine just yestarday and sync is working ok.
    Great Blog!