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Up and running with Snow Leopard

While it took longer than expected, my MacBook is now running Snow Leopard with no obvious issues. It’s noticeably zippier – Finder is especially quicker, which is very welcome.
After the Snow Leopard installer had finished copying data from my Time Machine backup, and had phoned home to Apple to register itself, I was taken back to a very familiar-looking desktop – it had successfully copied all of my applications and settings over.
But not my documents.
For some reason, my Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Movies folders were all empty. I think it may have encountered a permissions issue and decided to give up, but apart from the files in my home root folder there were just a series of empty folders.
Thankfully I was able to drag and drop the missing files off the backup drive in Finder, and so now everything is present and correct. It just seems weird that it copied all of the things I’d have forgotten to backup manually but left out the really obvious stuff.
Other than the speed increases there’s not a whole lot new. QuickTime X is much improved, and now includes all of the features of QuickTime Pro. So you’re getting a complete OS upgrade for around the same price that QuickTime Pro used to sell for. Scrolling Stacks are a welcome feature, especially for large folders.

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