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Lovely weather for ducks

Just got home after work after braving a heavy downpour of rain. It’s been raining all day, but, of course, it had to crank it up just when I left work – and it’s a half hour walk home.
So now I’m in a spare change of clothes, since when I got in I was wetter than an otter who, having just won a wet t-shirt competition, decided to throw itself into a lake. Even my underwear was wet through.
And then 5 minutes after I get inside, the rain stops and the sun comes out! Obviously I’m in for bad karma today…
(This rant was posted here because it wouldn’t fit in 140 characters)

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  1. Oh but the hills above Keighley were absolutely beautiful in the mist and clouds this afternoon, as was the sunset whilst walking home from a dinner and film.