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Vacation mode

This post is pre-recorded and by the time it goes live I should be on the first leg of my journey to France, which will involve a coach, a train, the London Underground, another train and finally a plane, with some walking peppered in between.
I’m backpacking around western France, focussing on La Rochelle and the islands in the bay surrounding it, but we may stray out to places like Rochefort if time and money permits. I’m travelling with a good friend and fellow hiker so there will probably be quite a bit of walking involved.
This does mean that the blog will be largely silent for around 2 weeks, bar some scheduled posts that I have written which will appear automatically while I am away. Despite my request, no-one volunteered to guest post while I am away and I’m not whether I’ll be in any internet cafés while I’m away to post any blog entries.
I will, however, be tweeting now and again so keep an eye on my Twitter feed for updates, which will also probably make their way to Facebook as well if you are friends with me on that. Note that updates will be essentially one-way – see aforementioned potential lack of internet cafés – so I won’t be able to read comments or replies.
I’m taking my camera so should have some nice pictures and stories to tell upon my return in 2 weeks. See you all soon.

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