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Wanted: guest bloggers

(Yes, I know ‘the news’, I just choose not to join the echo chamber as I don’t really have anything to say)
As I’ve mentioned a few times, I’m going to be away on holiday from the 1st July until the 13th, which means I won’t probably be blogging between those two dates (unless I find an internet cafĂ©). So that this blog isn’t dead for 2 weeks, I’d like one or two people to log in a couple of times while I’m away and post something.
I’m looking for people who:

  • Have their own blog, so they know what is involved
  • Can write one or two entries about something similar to what I write about
  • Have read this blog for some time

Experience with Movable Type version 4+ is a plus, as I’ll also be asking you to look over the comments and remove any spam or inappropriate remarks, but it’s not rocket science so don’t worry if you’ve only used some other blogging package or service.
If you’re interested, drop me an email, I’m neil at neilturner dot me dot uk.

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