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The film queue

On Saturday I moved house again, although this time the move should be a little more permanent. I’m now living in North-East Bradford, rather than in the western area around the university, in a refurbished Victorian stone-built terraced house with two other lads. It’s a nice house although it does mean a longer walk to work.

Unfortunately we don’t yet have internet – that’s a story I’ll leave for another entry – so I’m using the opportunity to watch some of the films that I own on DVD which I haven’t seen before.

Thus far I have watched the remaining episodes of Torchwood Season 2 that I haven’t seen – previously I have watched the first 4 and last 4 episodes, but missed those in the middle of the series. This included the episodes ‘Adam’ and ‘Dead Man Walking’ which are quite important to the overall story arc – having watched these episodes now, the final episode makes more sense. I also watched Baseketball, a film starring the creators of South Park, which I enjoyed but would only recommend to those who enjoyed South Park or Team America. Otherwise you’ll find it puerile and immature.

On my list to watch next are:

  • The Dark is Rising – a film that Hari wanted to watch and that we rented from LoveFilm, but haven’t yet got around to watching
  • Nacho Libre – kids film starring Jack Black that I picked up cheaply in a sale
  • Hellboy – heard mixed reviews, some people say it’s great, others hated it
  • Robots – another kids film
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian – Thought the first film was very well done, but never managed to see this in the cinema.

Incidentally I posted a similar list this time last year – so a year later and I still haven’t seen Hellboy or Nacho Libre.

I also have various DVDs like The Simpsons Movie, Shrek the Third and most of the Matrix Trilogy which I have seen in the cinema but haven’t since watched on DVD. I’m going on holiday a week today and at the current rate we won’t have the internet installed by then, so I have another week of keeping myself busy.

One Comment

  1. The Dark is Rising
    This was awful even though it seemed so promising from the trailer. Good luck 😉
    Fantastic, if flawed as a movie. Really made me want to read the comics.
    The Chronicles of Narnia
    Better than the first one and light years above the Dark is Rising.
    (Currently trying to get through all 705 minutes of Band of Brothers before the follow-up about the Pacific campaign starts)