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Mac Mini Media Centre: Resurrection

2 years ago I had grand plans for turning my Mac Mini into a media centre. As it happened, I never really got the project off the ground – my last ‘update’ was in March last year. And to be honest, although I had the machine up and running as a media centre I didn’t actually use it much at all.
Anyhow, I’ve decided to resurrect the plan, due to my imminent move to a more permanent shared house in Bradford, rather than slumming it in people’s spare rooms as has been the case for the past 6 weeks. I’ll be sharing with 2 other lads and while there will be a big shared TV in the living room I’d also like something in my room. I also donated my old DVD player to a friend so I no longer have a standalone device for playing DVDs, apart from my MacBook and the Mac Mini.
(I also no longer own a TV but I’ll work something out…)
Unlike last time, when I promised to write several entries about the project and then forgot about it, I’m going to write them ahead of time, to be published once a week on Mondays – you could call it Mac Mini Media Monday if you wanted. This will also mean that entries may appear while I’m out of the country in early July.
My plan is as follows:

  1. Detail the requirements – like any good project, I’ll list what the device needs to be able to do, and what would be nice
  2. Hardware – what I’ve got and what I want to add to it
  3. Software – what software there is available and what I will be using
  4. Remote control – how I intend to control the media centre while curled up in bed
  5. Further work – little extras that I am considering beyond the basics
  6. Evaluation – how it all ended up. This will obviously be written after I have the whole thing working.

That’s 6 weeks of content that I’m promising you, which should get you through to the end of July. Plus not-so-regularly scheduled blogging about other stuff in between. Right, better get writing…

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