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Bradford on the up

Between November 2004 and February 2006 I took a series of photos around my adopted home town of Bradford, showing its run-down and dilapidated side. It was partly an attempt at using black and white filters and light-balancing effects to make the photographs look more dreary and depressing, but it highlighted some of the not-so-nice bits of the Western part of the city where I currently live. You can see the full set here.
Spurned on by the news that Bradford has been named the world’s first UNESCO ‘City of Film’, beating cities like Los Angeles, Cannes and Venice, I decided to look again at the photographs and blog about what has changed in the 3+ years since the pictures were taken.

Derelict Mill

Westholme Street
This mill on Thornton Road is still in much the same state, but it will hopefully be redeveloped into a youth centre as part of a £9.8million scheme.

Parking booth

Parking attendant's booth
This booth was for a temporary car park behind the abandoned Odeon cinema. The car park is now fenced off and the booth gone, but the cinema is still abandoned. The Bradford Odeon Rescue Group want to redevelop the building but are facing opposition from Bradford Council and Yorkshire Forward who want to flatten it and build a big concrete monstrosity in its place.

Abandoned church

Church Doors
This church was on Longside Lane, behind the university campus, but had been long abandoned. When I took the picture, amongst the rubbish surrounding it were some syringes suggesting it was being used as a drug den for part of its latter years. The church has since been demolished and a new hall of residence called Haria House has been erected in its place.

Bradford Interchange

Welcome to Bradford Interchange
This entrance to Bradford’s main railway and bus station still looks basically the same, although the train platforms have at least had a lick of paint and new signage recently.


  1. Excellent photos. I love abandoned, distressed, urban decay type photos.

  2. Some good photos there, and I think that the black and white worked really effectively.