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MT 4.26 and Facebook integration

I’ve upgraded Movable Type, the software which has powered this blog for almost 7 years, to the latest version 4.26 – full details about the update are here but beyond performance improvements and minor bug fixes it isn’t earth-shattering.
The one other change I have implemented is that you can now comment using your Facebook account as a means of authentication. This alongside existing support for Yahoo, AOL and Google, plus any other site which provides OpenID support. I will still let people comment with just an email address for now since this site is not exactly a bastion of communication but it would be nice if you could authenticate yourself if possible. I reckon the vast majority of people using this site will have an account on at least one of those services.
In fact, I could enable Vox, LiveJournal, TypePad,, mixi, Lavedoor and some others I’ve never heard of, but that would probably be overkill.
Note that when you comment with Facebook you’ll have the option of posting the fact that you comment to your Facebook timeline.

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