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Get thee to a polling station

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Across the UK, today is the day of the European Parliament Elections (and also local council and mayoral elections in some areas). If you are eligible to vote, please take the time to go out and use your vote wisely. BBC News has an at-a-glance guide to the various parties standing and a voting FAQ in case you’re not entirely sure why we’re voting for people in the European parliament or if it is important.
Despite the fact that British politics has gone completely tits up over the past few weeks and public distrust of politicians is probably at its highest levels ever, I would urge you not to use your vote in protest and instead think carefully about the implications if some of the less favourable candidates were elected. I’m not saying who I voted for just yet (I have a postal vote) but I personally feel that I have voted for a party that can make a difference.
Anyway, enough blabbering, get voting!


  1. Vote Match has an online quiz which matches you to parties based on their policies. It’s really helpful if you are undecided who to vote for, though doesn’t have all the parties and policies.

  2. I tried that a few days ago and it told me to vote UKIP. Considering I’m generally pro-Europe I was a little insulted…