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Windows 7 first thoughts

I went ahead and downloaded Windows 7 (overnight) and installed it at the weekend. Rather than upgrade my existing Windows Vista installation, which is a little ‘dirty’ from a somewhat botched conversion from a Parallels VM to a VirtualBox VM (the guide I wrote recommends a better way), I created a fresh VM.
Performance seems to be much better compared with Vista – it’s noticeably quicker at booting and more responsive while using it. Visually there’s not a massive change overall from Vista – it feels more like an evolution of the Vista interface rather than a revolution. But there are some nice changes.
Having been a Mac user for some time, I’m liking the new taskbar, which combines the quick launch icons with the window buttons and more closely resembles the Dock on OS X. Specifically I appreciate that applications appear on the taskbar, or change colour, when launched – so there’s no more double-clicking an icon and then wondering if it’s actually doing anything because the taskbar button hasn’t appeared or because no window has popped up. This is something that Mac have done for several years – icons subtly bounce when the app is loading so you know the computer is doing something. Other differences are more subtle – Windows Security Center is now the Action Center, for example.
I haven’t had much chance to play with it but the performance improvements alone will make it nicer to use on a day-to-day basis. Though I almost exclusively use OS X at home, my work machine runs on Windows so day-to-day improvements are good.
(Actually, technically my work computer doesn’t run Windows but that’s another blog entry for later this week…)

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  1. Nice to see Windows 7 works, I think I’ll be sticking with Vista upon release though, let them get SP1 out before trying it! 🙂