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Robert Llewellyn is probably best known for his acting role as Kryten in Red Dwarf, and as a TV presenter in Scrapheap Challenge. But Mr Llewellyn, or ‘Bobby Llew’ as he’s also known (it’s certainly easier to type, fewer double ‘L’s) is also down with the cool cats – he has a Twitter account and YouTube channel, featuring his show ‘Wet Liberal Weekly’.
But his main project is called ‘Carpool’, viewable on his web site, where he takes various celebrities for a drive in his car. Obviously he’s recording it, using a number of cameras, and there’s a lot of chatting, but it’s not a formal interview like you’d expect from Parky and the like – it’s a more organic chat, and most of the guests don’t necessarily have anything to plug, like a new TV show or book etc. Some of them are people that Bobby has worked with before, such as his Red Dwarf co-stars, but there are also people like Jonathan Ross, Arthur Smith, Dom Joly and Ruby Wax – all relatively big names for a simple, low budget video podcast.
It’s worth a watch.


  1. I’ve been following @bobbyllew for a while and I watch Carpool when it’s somebody interesting. He asked a while back for suggestions for who to have on the show, and I suggested Emma Thompson. His response was “Yes, Emma Thompson, what a good idea, and I’ve met her a few times.” So hey, let’s look for Emma Thompson on there!
    I believe he’s doing some shows in the US right now, but not anywhere near here. *pouts*
    Have you seen the new Red Dwarf?

  2. Yes, I saw them when they were broadcast.