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Lost and Found

Today I moved the last of my things out of my flat in Bradford (there were a few things that we didn’t have space for last weekend), so I’ve had chance to find things that I thought were either lost or couldn’t remember where I’d put them.
Things I’d lost and have subsequently found:

  • Parker pen
  • 2 USB ADSL modems
  • €30 in cash (now worth more in sterling than when I exchanged them originally)
  • Photos of me in a suit having attended awards dinners last year and the year before with the university hiking club
  • My student union life membership book
  • A Jack Daniel’s whisky glass (which I got free after drinking rather a lot of Jack Daniel’s during a week in September 2005)
  • DVD player remote control
  • A pack of nail files
  • 2 pairs of trousers

Things I’d lost and then couldn’t find:

  • My York Library card (which also gets me free entry into many of York’s museums)

I’m sure more things that I’d forgotten I had will turn up as I sort through it all…

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