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What’s next

So, to follow on from my previous entry, some of you may want to know what’s next for me. After all, with no job and no girlfriend, the world is largely my oyster – I’m not really tied to one specific location.
Right now, there are 4 career paths that I’m looking at for this year:

  1. Find administration work. This is what I have been trying for a while and haven’t been having much luck, but there are many local businesses in York, Leeds, Bradford and the surrounding area that seem to be recruiting so hopefully it’s just a matter of time.
  2. IT graduate training programmes. At least 1 big local employer is looking at recruiting graduates with Computing and IT degrees for a paid training programme and what seems to be a guaranteed job at the end of it. Being graduate work it’s likely to be reasonably paid too.
  3. Seasonal work in Europe. As a kid my parents took me camping with Eurocamp every year and they are currently recruiting for couriers to work on their sites for the summer months. This would be a somewhat drastic change – another country, new people, and very little internet access, but I may not got many chances to try this in life and right now I have nothing to tie me down.
  4. Teaching. There is still a national shortage of teachers and so, should I qualify, there’s a pretty-much guaranteed job at the end of it. There’s also a lot of money to train and no fees to pay. Best of all, I’m looking to do Maths and there are many extra financial incentives to train to teach Maths and Physics.

Quite what will happen over the next few months is up to chance. The plan is to move back in with my parents in York for a month or two while I get a job sorted; once that’s sorted I’ll be living wherever the job is. Though I’m focussing on West Yorkshire at present, I’ll take any good job that’s going anywhere in the UK and Ireland.
I’m aiming to have moved out of Bradford by the easter weekend – 2 weeks away.


  1. If Rotherham’s not too far away, I know Maplin are looking for an “E-commerce Executive” (see ).
    What sort of administration work are you looking for? Will you really be content with filing papers or looking for something more IT orientated?

  2. Consider a working holiday – I wandered off to New Zealand for a year and loved it.
    Theres IT work out there as well in OZ / NZ…

  3. Neil, firstly the very best of luck.
    I’m with Mark on this one – while you’re still up for it, young and skills fresh, why not use it as the impetus to get out there. Like you say, the world is your oyster.
    Get out to Oz and get at least temporary IT work out there. Not sue what it is like now, but a mate of mine – albeit a networking guru – found it hard to leave they were shoving so much at him.
    I realise the whole thing is a bummer, but as is said to those about to be made redundant “see this as a career opportunity”!