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New fonts

Other the past few days I’ve found some interesting new fonts from various blogs that I’ve come across. Since I haven’t got much else to blog about at present, I’m going to introduce them here:

  • Inconsolata is a monospace font largely inspired by Consolas which is the fixed-width font used in Windows Vista (Windows XP users can download Consolas here). It’s free, has a large selection of accented characters and is available under the SIL Open Font License.
  • DejaVu is a series of fonts that can be seen as a continuation of the Bitstream Vera fonts, which are open source and common on Linux desktops. DejaVu has better support for eastern European characters and is included in more recent Linux distros, but can be downloaded for Macs and Windows too. They are free and released under the same open source license as the Bitstream Vera fonts.
  • Museo and Museo Sans are very nice readable fonts which can be used for graphic design – I’m actually considering using it for a new logo for this site. The fonts are sold commercially but some weights are available for free.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that I am now rebuilding all of my pages after a configuration change by my hosting company meant I had to move MT’s folder. Thankfully an entire site rebuild is much less painful in Movable Type 4 than in previous versions. I still use static publishing for most of my pages as most of them do not change regularly – having them dynamically rebuilt from the database every time they are visited seems an awful waste of system resources and is probably the main reason why I don’t use WordPress.


  1. What did they change which necessitated a change of MovableType directory? I hope they let you know in advance.

  2. Something to do with cgiwrap I think, and no, I wasn’t informed in advance. I was just greeted with ‘scgiwrap: Caller must be the nobody user’ when I tried to run any CGI scripts. All I had to do was move things from the scgi-bin folder to cgi-bin but this necessitated a full site rebuild to update any script references, and alteration to MT’s config file.

  3. Here’s another new font for you – Absinette:
    How would you describe this one?

  4. Like a label on an Absinthe bottle? 🙂

  5. Now that’s a very good way of looking at it.