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Snow news is good news

Snow news is good news
This is what our estate looks like at the moment. It’s probably one of the biggest snow falls that I have seen in my 6 1/2 years of living in Bradford, although I experienced more snow when I was living back in York many years ago. Back then, there was enough snow to make an igloo, which is great when you’re 6 years old.
Bradford seems to have come off comparatively lightly, compared to the public transport chaos in London – most of the main bus services are running, as are the trains with only minor delays. That being said, there are around 50 school closures.
Update: And within an hour of me posting this, it has started snowing again.


  1. Neil
    Good photos of the recent snow fall. I have taken some snow photos as well – also living local – unfortunately I cannot upload these onto my new PC (Windows Vista) because I do not have the disc the camera came with. Do you have any software or link so I can download the software to enable me to upload my piccies.

  2. As an expat living in Arizona I do keep abreast of goings on back home. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on the BBC website last night. London in pandemonium, cars buried, and the most important thing, you know, sledding.

  3. Sally – you should find that either:-
    1. Plugging your camera in should allow you to copy pictures off without the CD.
    2. If you look up the camera manufacturers’ web site, you should be able to download the contents of the CD.