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Hotmail POP access now free for all

Heard via one of my friends who now works at Microsoft that it has enabled POP access for everyone with a Windows Live Hotmail account, not just those with Plus account. This means that it is no longer necessary to use products like Microsoft Outlook Connector or Windows Live Mail to access your account, although they do offer a greater depth of features than is available through basic POP access.
It also means there is no need to use third party tools like HotPOP3 or the Webmail extension for Thunderbird, which were prone to stop working if Microsoft made any major changes to the service.
The server details are located here and I’ve verified that they work with Thunderbird.
This is something that I have been waiting for since I first started using Hotmail in 1999, almost 10 years ago. That’s one hell of a long time to wait for a feature.


  1. Yeah… the news was too good to be true. The link you mentioned for “the server details” does not work.

  2. SORRY, man – it DOES work and the info is accurate. Thank You.