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Edinburgh at Night

Edinburgh Castle
Yesterday I had a job interview with the University of Edinburgh, and due to Edinburgh being somewhat distant from Bradford I travelled up the day before and stayed the night. This gave me ample opportunity to play around with my new camera. Hence, I bring you various night-time shots of places and buildings in Edinburgh.
I was surprised at how few buildings in the city were illuminated at night – the Scott Monument on Princes’ Street being one of the more notable structures that were shrouded in darkness. Still, I managed to get a reasonable set of pictures, although I actually took many more which ended up being deleted for bluriness (next time, must remember tripod) or lack of light.
Also, here’s a daytime shot of where I may be working if I get the job. This picture is also notable for being the 1500th image that I’ve uploaded to Flickr.


  1. One of my most favorite cities on earth. I’m crossing my fingers that you get the job… it would give me just one more reason to go back and visit! 🙂

  2. Excellent shot of the castle. I went to Edinburgh for a weekend years ago and loved it. A Beautiful city and would go back in a heartbeat.

  3. I loved Edinburgh too – had to go up a couple of times for work. I really enjoyed the day I went there when the Festival was on.
    Thats a really nice shot of the castle.