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Looking back, looking forward

In the past I’ve done an end of your quiz (see 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003) but I’ve chosen not to do it this year and write a brief entry summing up 2008 and what 2009 has in store for me.

2008 has been mostly a consolidation year after the big changes in 2007. Up until mid-December I was working for the university in Bradford, where I saw my contract move from casual work to a salary, my contract extended, and then subsequently finding in November that it wouldn’t be renewed. I had a couple of job interviews which unfortunately proved fruitless (and with hindsight I wouldn’t have wanted one of the jobs anyway) and I’m now currently unemployed.

Hari and I have also had a good year together. We moved in properly in summer 2007 and have been happy together – for the most part at least – in a rented house that we’re sharing. 2007 was our third year together and while we didn’t pass any other major milestones the future looks reasonably bright for the two of us.

Financially things have been a little hard, as almost everything I have earned has been spent on rent, bills, taxes and groceries leaving little left over for luxuries. Thankfully I have some savings and supporting parents so I’m not drowning in debt. This is why, as much as I’d like to buy a new computer, I’m having to hold off until I have more money left at the end of the month.

2009 is looking to be a year of change, maybe more so than 2007 was. I have already got a job interview mid-January and looking for other work as well, but as I’m not limiting myself to the Bradford area it may well mean moving; the job I have an interview for is in Scotland, for example. Hari is still at university and will be there until the end of May, so it may mean living away from her initially. We have agreed that we want to move away from Bradford – I have been here for over 6 years, she has been here for over 4 – and this would be good time to do it.
Provided I find a new job, and one that isn’t fixed-term and has a decent salary, financially we should be somewhat better off than right now, in spite of the current economic climate.

In terms of how the world will be in 2009, we’re at an interesting point in history. America has elected a (comparatively) young, intelligent, charismatic person as its next president, who is currently “talking the talk” when it comes to sorting out the problems in his country and overseas. This year will prove whether he can “walk the walk”, or whether his bark is weaker than his bite, as it where. We, once again, have unrest in the middle east, due to a minority of idiots with weapons throwing weapons at civilians (I’m talking about both sides here); we have the continuing collapse of Zimbabwe, as well as other ongoing problems in other African nations such as Somalia, Sudan and Congo; and of course there’s the world economies which may well get worse before they get better. For world affairs, it will be an interesting year.

Hope you have a good New Year celebration – I’ll be spending it with a few friends in Bradford – and see you in 2009, whatever it may bring.


  1. Happy New Year Neil. All the best.

  2. Happy New Year to you mate.

  3. Happiest of new years to you and Hari, Neil!