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Merry Christmas!

Just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
Presents? I got a 4th generation iPod Nano (in blue), a Canon EOS 350D digital camera (passed down from my father), a digital photo keyring, Denon in-ear headphones, socks and a veritable feast of edible treats.


  1. I got a digital photo keyring too but as of yet cannot discover a way to load photos onto it.

  2. I did a lot of research before selecting a DSLR, and the Canon Digital Rebel XSi was great for the price point and capability. It’s an excellent camera for those who are moving up from a point and shoot.I primarily use it for shooting at college hockey games. The XSi with the Canon 55-250 f/4-5.6 IS lens is great for this so far. It’s not an “L” lens, but I find that the images come out very well.Basically, if you’re looking to get into DSLR, this is a great camera to start. There will always be those who argue over Canon/Nikon, but my advice is to go with what you like in your price range. For me, that was the XSi. Looking forward to taking many more great shots, and upgrading my gear!You won’t be disappointed with this kit.